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Chinese silverware culture

Issuing time:2020-05-04 12:08

The Chinese have a unique love for silver jewelry, whether it is ancient or modern, whether it is a farmer or a celebrity, their feelings for silver jewelry also seem to exceed the value of silver jewelry itself.

    Silver jewelry has become the mainstream fashion jewelry has always been noble, luxurious and charming in people's minds. The concept of modern popular jewelry is updated, and jewelry design is the most innovative.

    Jewelry designers may be both car designers, metal craftsmen, and clothing designers. They may also be collectors and appreciators of silver ornaments from ethnic minorities in western China.

    Popular jewelry, especially personalized jewelry, in order to fully display its own personality and distinctive form and artistic characteristics, will inevitably pursue a profound cultural connotation and ancient mystery.

Heavy consumers, such as big-name movie stars or wealthy businessmen, political figures, etc., will never tolerate rigid, lack of aura jewelry style, no matter how expensive it is. The strong artistic appeal, skillful technique, and smooth decoration of silver ornaments of ethnic minorities in the west can just become the source of fashionable jewelry. It is worth noting that when collecting silverware and silverware from the western ethnic minorities, you do n’t have to be greedy, just ask for one or two pieces with aura and personality. If you can have some “years”, that is the blessing you have cultivated. Silver ornaments make women have a different style. Under the designer's whimsy, silver, this ancient metal has become the most personalized fashion jewelry. With the change of fashion apparel, as an indispensable decoration, silver ornaments are more and more loved by fashionable ladies with changeable shapes and low prices.

    Mentioning the word jewelry, I am afraid that many people will have pearl jewels floating in their minds. Indeed, diamonds are extravagant, gold is expensive, and jewellery is expensive. Wearing them, there is more or less a suspicion of showing off a purse. However, fortunately, in addition to this, we have another choice, a choice that is completely youthful, fashionable, and personalized — silverware.

These silver ornaments are not only whimsical and wild in the West, but also delicate and flexible in the East, reflecting a rebellion, a style and a spirit. Most of the silver jewelry here is not expensive, it is more than a hundred yuan, but it has a mysterious tension, it may not be eye-catching when placed there, but it is worn on the body by someone who cares, and it immediately gives you a different temperament: vulgar, uninhibited , Indifferent, disdainful, with many stories, intriguing ...

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